How to Lose Virginity

I have noticed, by emails that I receive, that most of you are concern about the pain that follows losing virginity. Some girls are very frightened. There is, also, significant number of boys with virgin girlfriends worrying how not to hurt them when they make love for the first time.

It is very natural that you are afraid of something that you haven’t done before. You don’t have to lose virginity but it is the only way to start your adult sexual life. Like I said before it has to be your own decision based on your needs and personal development. Do it in your one time. First sexual experience is not the same for everybody. It can look very dramatic with bleeding and all but not all of the girls are experiencing the pain while they make love for the first time.

I hope that you all know what the hymen is but I will tell you anyway. The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. It forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia.

Not all the hymens are created equal, their shape and elasticity can vary so that is one of the reasons that act of losing virginity is so different for the different girls. Unfortunately you cannot know how it will be for you till you actually try it.

So when you know that you are ready and you are contemplating how to lose virginity this is how you can prepare yourself:

I know it’s hard by try to relax. I am sure the experience is more unpleasant if there is unnecessary tension so make sure you have a caring and loving partner.

Use condom together with water based lubricant. Oil based lubricants can damage the condom.

Make sure that you are in control of the whole process of the penetration so you find adequate position. You can be on top for instance or back on your knees.

So basically these are three things that you can do to reduce discomfort that may or may not be in your way to your first full sexual experience. Good luck and I hope you will enjoy it.
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